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It’s very easy to get your press release published on online websites. However, when it comes to getting coverage on newspapers on television channels, the rules of the game are very different. Your press release needs to be news-worthy for getting covered in national or local electronic and print channels. Reporters and Journalists from Print and Electronic media are very choosy when it comes to shortlisting news from press releases. Make sure your press release is newsworthy and the topic covered is fit to be covered in a national newspaper or TV channel.

Press Release / PR Distribution in India

A good marketing strategy is like a fine cocktail. It is the perfect mix of several discrete components, but all in the right balance to give that desired effect. Press Releases are one such powerful component, which when used in the right balance can do wonders for your business. At India PR Distribution we take it as our duty to help you strike that right chord with your audience.

Through careful study and research we have come to the conclusion that press releases today are being given nothing less than a step-motherly treatment. Ask yourself this simple question: "Everyone issues press releases but why are only a few highlighted?" The answer is quite simple. It has nothing to do with your press release but definitely something to do with the way it is managed and delivered. India PR Distribution press release distribution service is your one-stop solution for giving your press release that extra edge and making sure that it translates into real-time business returns.

The mantra here is simplicity. India PR distribution service has been specifically designed to make accessing and publishing press releases as simple as possible. Our distribution service is completely free and open to anyone who wants to use press releases as an effective marketing tool or for any media professional (journalists, editors etc.) or researcher who wants to use our services to get what they want.

We are uniquely different from other websites offering similar press release (PR) distribution services as we operate on the principle that we will not spam any journalist or media house to get your press release noticed. The reason being it is simply annoying and does nothing but reduces your chances of effectively employing this powerful marketing tool. Editors, journalists, and media organizations are always on the lookout for press releases but spamming their mailboxes will simply turn them off. And that is exactly where our competitors go wrong. We believe that if we are able to give journalists the liberty to access press releases at their own leisure we do nothing but increase the chances of your press release getting picked. After all, it is a proven fact that one appreciates something more when they want it rather than it being shoved down their throat.

Keeping with our theme of simplicity India PR Distribution makes publishing/distribution of press releases nothing but child's play. All one has to do is register, paste their press release and submit. You can also edit your press releases, add photographs to support the same, keep an updated contact list, make drafts of your releases, you can even schedule your press release listing in advance and maintain your online archive of press releases.

Publishing and distributing your press release. India PR Distribution ensures instant listing on Google News and other news engines. It also increases the chances of your release being picked up by search engines such as Yahoo, Google, MSN etc. All this means is that your press release has a much greater chance of being noticed as compared to anywhere else.

And last but not the least, why India PR Distribution PR service is the best place for editors, journalists and media organizations to access press releases. Our website provides two types of simple and user-friendly access options. A journalist can simply subscribe and receive a daily summary of all press releases published in the last 24 hours. Or he could choose to register and customize his subscription allowing him to specify the specific industry or sector from which he would like to get press alerts.

To conclude India press release distribution service is the best online free PR service in India. Its business and media-friendly model enhances the potential of your press release by ensuring far greater visibility than any other web service. Believe it or not, there are websites where one has difficulty in even finding the press release section. We on the other hand focus on keeping things simple. We assure you that your faith in India PR Distribution will reap benefits no matter what your business is. The road ahead can only get better.

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