What Should a Press Release Include to Get Attention From Journalists?

One of the most important questions when drafting a press release is, what should it include? Here’s a basic guide. Follow the Inverted pyramid formula: Background information, Relevant quotes, Byline. Listed below are the essential elements of a good press release. Use these tips to make your release stand out from the rest. After all, a well-written release will attract readers.

Inverted pyramid formula

Using the inverted pyramid formula to write a press release is a great way to create an effective piece of content. The first paragraph of the pyramid should be facts, with a supporting detail below it. The third paragraph should include a quote from an expert to provide context for the information below it. The final paragraph should contain boilerplate information, letting media representatives know who you are. This will help them contact you if they have any questions.

Using the inverted pyramid method, you should structure your press release in a manner that will make it easy for your audience to consume. It will help you avoid clutter by ensuring that your information is organized by importance. For example, you should place important details earlier in the body, while the least important information is placed at the end. Then, you should include supporting details in the subheadlines and the opening paragraph. Lastly, you should include the inverted pyramid formula in your final sentence.

This formula can help you write a compelling press release, even for non-writers. Media professionals often use the inverted pyramid to write articles and other types of content. It’s a simple and effective way to create engaging content. Using the inverted pyramid, you’ll be able to attract a variety of readers. You can target the right audience with your press release, allowing it to be read by all.

An inverted pyramid format will help you create a press release that features quality SEO. The inverted pyramid structure encourages the use of key phrases early in the content, which will help your content perform well on search engines. An inverted pyramid structure will also help you make your content accessible to people with disabilities. For example, some people are unable to read large blocks of text. You should always include a quote by an industry expert.

Another benefit of using the inverted pyramid formula for a press release is that it is direct and concise. This method will entice the reader to read the rest of the press release because the important information will be at the top of the article. This method will also make it easier for people with attention disorders to focus and read. The inverted pyramid formula for a press release can be tailored for any subject matter and target audience.

Relevant quotes

Adding relevant quotes to your press release is essential for getting the attention of journalists. Quotes can help journalists visualize the effects of the news, but make sure to keep them to a minimum. You can also use a couple of sentences to highlight the sentiments of the quote, but do not overdo it. Instead, use a powerful quote to introduce the main points of your release. Remember, a quote is only as effective as the rest of the copy, so keep it simple and meaningful.

In addition to using quotes in your press release, it is also important to include other relevant information. Use quotes from key stakeholders to convey more than just the announcement. Quotes from these key stakeholders convey how the company feels about the news, as well as how it may affect the industry at large. Don’t forget to check the source of the quotes before inserting them into your press release. Relevant quotes can go a long way in getting attention from the media.

Use metaphors and analogies to make a deeper connection with your readers. They are great for explaining complex concepts and tugging heartstrings. If possible, try to use wordplay and humor. Your PR team will be able to gain attention by using appropriate quotes. But don’t overdo it. Remember: a press release is a piece of content, so make sure it’s interesting and relevant to your audience.

Avoid using too many words. If you use too many words, your press release will be considered spam. People are busy. Use prewritten quotes when you need them. They are easier to review and use after you have gained approval. By including juicy quotes in your press release, you’ll have a better chance of getting more clicks and readers. If you’re wondering how to get attention through press releases, Ann Handley offers webinars and on-demand content.

Background information

When it comes to creating a press release, the most important part is the benefit it offers to readers. To make your release irresistible, include background information about the company or industry that your release is related to. Remember that the average attention span of a person is around eight seconds. If you don’t include this background information in your release, readers are likely to skip over it. If possible, feature an executive of the company.

Your press release should begin with the most important information. The key is to make the information easily readable and interesting for the reader. In most cases, a press release should be no longer than 400 words. Anything longer than this has too much fluff and little story value. Include background information in the “Notes to Editors” section of the press release. If your press release is longer than 400 words, do not include it in the main paragraph.


A byline is a good way to promote a company or a subject matter expert. A byline can be used for a number of purposes, from giving a unique viewpoint to giving advice and tips. Bylines generally relate to a popular expert or subject matter area. Bylines are a great way to market a company since they are readily available and easy to publish. They give the company control over the content while enabling the company to share its key messages and take control of the content.

The most important thing to remember when using a byline is to stay away from self-promotional language. The vast majority of publications expect bylines to be vendor-neutral. It is important not to promote your own company or products, as this is not allowed. Instead, think of it as a unique inside view of a topic. A byline that demonstrates your industry expertise will get you extra points from readers.

Bylined articles are great for building brand awareness. It allows your niche audience to see you as an expert in your field. The bylined article can be informative and include statistics and third-party data. In addition to attracting attention, it will give you more content to post on your website and on social media profiles. Bylined articles can boost your brand awareness, and help your product get covered by other popular publications.

When writing a press release, the headline should be written in a title case, with all nouns, pronouns, and verbs capitalized. You may also want to include keywords in the title to help increase your SEO visibility. Under the byline, you should also include your contact information, including your business address, telephone number, and email address. This allows journalists and other media to contact you.