Getting Press coverage in India – How India PR Distribution can help

Effective business communications and Public Relations (PR) can help you get a good traction across a wide range of audience. Convince an investor, motivate an employee, impress a consumer, the goal is always the persuasion of an audience, no matter which one. This post is an introduction to public relations.

Advantages of Public Relations

They argue that public relations give serious marketing support when it comes to

  1. Building knowledge and credibility
  2. Lowering sales promotion costs
  3. Boosting the sales force
  4. Influencing target groups
  5. Defending products or products for companies that have experienced “public” problems

Theories and models of communication have been followed for more than 75 years. Analyzing these theories, whether Shannon and Weaver (linear), Lasswell (who, what, by what channel, to whom and with what effect), the one of Wiener (conversation), Katz and Lazarsfeld (opinion leaders) or Marshall McLuhan (the message is the media), it is quickly realized that the new communication tools used today are inspired by the laws of Public Relations that are already established.


Several terms in the field of PR communications and marketing are overused. This is due to several reasons – they are disciplines rather than science.

PR practitioners and theorists do not agree on their definition. These terms are still evolving because of the new tools that information and communication technologies (ICTs) bring. 

Difference between PR and Marketing – THE BIG DIFFERENCES

The two main points that differentiate marketing from public relations are the terms consumer and profit

Public relations is intended to foster relationships with diverse audiences including, but not limited to, clients. 

The advantage of public relations compared to marketing and advertising

Public Relations has the potential to reach a wide variety of audiences including employees, community leaders, the distribution network ( agencies, wholesalers, receptive, organizers of congresses etc.), political representatives, suppliers, journalists, unions, academics, and, of course, customers!


As the year 2018 approaches, we often talk about over-information. In terms of influence communications, although advertising has grown tremendously, experts say it is considerably less effective than before. 

In India, television advertising pressure is currently estimated at over 2000 impacts per person per day. 

Al and Laura Ries, authors of the very popular book ” The ad is dead, long live PR “, say that “marketing relies less and less on advertising and more and more on public relations. The power PR lies in their credibility “.


Successful companies succeed in defining an effective marketing mix where results can be conclusive. It is also essential to add a formal communication plan to reach out to your audiences. To achieve a communicative goal, you need the right communication tool, the right message, at the right time, with the right target! India PR Distribution, India’s leading Press Release distribution service will help you in getting coverage on Indian Newspapers and TV Channels.

How India PR Distribution can help in your PR campaign

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